Screenshot via @JoelEmbiid

Joel Embiid's new puppy named after Sam Hinkie is so cute. 

By Charlotte Carroll
March 11, 2019

Joel Embiid got a new puppy and named him after former 76ers general manager and president of basketball operations Sam Hinkie.

On Monday, Embiid shared photos of his new pup named "Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid" with the hashtags #TheProcess #HeDiedForOurSins #VampireDiaries.

Klaus is so cool he's even got his own "furrari" bed. 

The meaning behind the pup's name was explained on Klaus' new Instagram: "Hey guys! My name is Klaus I was named after my parents favorite character in #vampirediaries and #theoriginals, the strong and powerful KLAUS"

With references to Hinkie and SI Swimsuit model Anna De Paula, the pup has a great name. Plus he's also now the NBA's cutest dog. We're not biased at all. 

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