Josh Hart doesn't want a 45-year-old who loves analytics and hasn't played basketball at a high level telling him how to play.

By Khadrice Rollins
May 22, 2019

.Josh Hart and his new coach Frank Vogel should probably talk very soon.

In an appearance on Gilbert Arenas's The No Chill Podcast, Hart was talking about analytics when he added that he doesn't want to take advice from people who just throw out numbers or hadn't played basketball at a high level before.

"You telling me that this dude that’s 45 that never played, doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body, gonna tell me how to play basketball?" Hart asked.

Well, it just so happens that's exactly what the Lakers are telling Hart with the hiring of Vogel.

If you don't know his bio, here's a brief synopsis of how Los Angeles's new coach got into the business:

Vogel transferred to Kentucky after being a three-year starter at Division-III Juniata College to learn from Rick Pitino. At Kentucky though, Vogel was a student manager and played on the junior varsity team. After graduation, he became the video coordinator for the Wildcats. When Pitino left for the Celtics, he took Vogel to be his video coordinator in Boston. Then when Pitino left the Celtics, his former assistant Jim O'Brien became the coach. O'Brien helped give Vogel a shot as a manager at Kentucky and then promoted Vogel to be an assistant when he took over the Celtics.

From there, Vogel carved out a spot on NBA sidelines, eventually landing his first head coaching gig in 2011 with the Pacers. He also happens to be 45-years-old.

At least no one is accusing anybody else of backstabbing right now. And to be fair to Hart, it's hard to imagine he was saying this with his coach in mind. It was probably more directed at media. It still doesn't look good though considering the current state of the Lakers.

And to be fair to Vogel, he very clearly has at least one athletic bone in his body.

Maybe he can teach that to Hart.

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