Big Baller Brand might not be so big and baller after all.

LaVar Ball's brand debuted just a few years ago with the ZO2 sneakers, which his son Lonzo turned down lucrative shoe deal offers from Nike and Adidas to promote. However, the demand for the products never really peaked. The ZO2's insane price tag of $495 and questions of whether it could fill online orders accurately might have had something to do with BBB's struggles. 

But now it appears the brand has hit a new low when pictures surfaced on Twitter over the weekend of BBB selling items on clearance at a Los Angeles volleyball tournament. T-shirts and hats were on sale for $5, while hoodies went for an affordable $15 and shorts for $25. Lucky fans who were willing to dish out $100 could take home a package that included shoes, one hoodie, one T-shirt and one pair of socks.

A whole outfit for $100 is a deal, but you'd have to be okay with sporting the BBB logo from head to toe.

The brand previously sold shirts for $50 and shoes for $400, but its woes aren't just limited to slashing price tags. The Better Business Bureau gave Big Baller Brand a failing grade in 2018 and LaVar recently covered up his "BBB" tattoo with an unfortunate picture of dice. Lonzo even parted ways with the brand after partial owner Alan Foster allegedly took $1.5 million of his money.

It looks like Big Baller Brand is going to need more than $5 shirts to keep it alive.