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The NBA offseason has officially jumped the shark.

We need to get these players in real games ASAP because the workout videos posted to show players practice in the summer and early fall have gone entirely too far.

It's one thing when it comes from a trainer who is trying to show the types of players they work with and prove they are a legitimate person to learn the game from.

It's another thing when it comes from the team account.

And on Wednesday, the Magic decided to join in on the fun by sharing a video of Markelle Fultz practicing. But it wasn't just clips of the 2017 No. 1 pick getting shots up in a gym, it was also accompanied by the type of music you normally reserve for player intros.

It was a full-fledged hype video of somebody going through practice.

Who needed this?

I don't want to fully clown this video because there are real people in the organization who took time to put this together and make it as nice and entertaining as possible. And I would sincerely appreciate if one of those folks could reach out to me and let me know who thought anybody needed this.

Fultz's struggles with injuries and the mysterious disappearance of his jump shot after coming into the league have been the main topics of conversation around his two-year career. So there is almost something to the idea of showing him healthy in a gym putting in some work. Especially considering there's probably only a handful of clips of him in Magic gear while actually playing basketball or even just doing drills.

But all this is going to do is either make people unnecessarily excited based on minimal footage or make people even more eager to bash him if things go wrong.

Let Fultz go 3-for-14 one night and watch how many times this video gets quote tweeted with just "Lol."

And what's wild is this is only the second-most useless tweet the Magic have sent in the past year-and-a-half.

This is not all intended to be shade toward Fultz or Shelvin Mack. It's just an acknowledgment that not everything needs to be tweeted. It's okay to leave something in your drafts and then delete it a week later.