Enes Kanter Says He Was Harassed Outside Boston Mosque by Turkish President Supporters

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Celtics center Enes Kanter said he was harassed outside of a Boston mosque on Friday.

Kanter and teammate Tacko Fall attended an afternoon prayer session between practices. When they left the building, Kanter said a group of men approached them. He posted a video on Twitter of the incident, which included one of the men filming Kanter.

He believes the men are supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who he has repeatedly spoken out against. Kanter is from Turkey, while Fall is from Senegal.

"There's Turkish people, pro-Erdogan people, that are actually attacking us right here," Kanter said in the video. "I told you, America, this is crazy right."

Kanter addressed the media on Saturday before practice and said he plans to continue to criticize Erdogan.

"No, what I'm doing is huge because I'm talking about human rights," Kanter said Saturday morning, before the Celtics held their annual open practice for fans at TD Garden. "I'm talking about democracy, freedom, freedom of speech, religion and expression. I'm talking about justice.

"So, just because I'm talking about these issues and that stuff, I'm going to get threats? [Then] I'll take that. I'll be OK having security next to me 24/7. But those issues that I'm talking about are way bigger than myself and basketball."

According to ESPN, Kanter said he thinks the harassment happened because of a video he posted on Twitter on Sept. 28 that included Turkish ministers talking about his visit to a mosque.

Kanter said he contacted the FBI and Boston mayor Marty Walsh about the incident. 

In May 2017, Kanter called Erdogan the "Hitler of our country" after he was stopped at a Romanian airport after Turkish officials canceled his passport. He has elected to not travel to past games in Toronto and London and revealed in January that he skipped the Knicks' trip to England because he thought he could be assassinated for opposing Erdogan