NBA Horse Missed: Unchecked


I’m sorry but the NBA HORSE Challenge just made me miss sports, particularly basketball, even more. I’ll never call the NBA regular season meaningless again. In fact, I’d take some Hornets-Pistons right now.

However, unlike the  participants, I’m not trying to take I’ll give an E for effort. But that broadcast was certainly a sign of the times—whatever time is anymore. What day is it? To be honest, it almost made me sad watching the likes of Trae Young shooting on a flimsy driveway hoop. There’s no reason I should’ve but I guess I was expecting better quality than what I could film at home. (I mean I am doing videos from home too.)

I suppose I'm glad they tried but it turned out to be just another reminder of where we are and what we miss—the NBA Playoffs were supposed to start this upcoming weekend *sad face*.

Personally, I’m tired of seeing people fight over guesses about when events will resume, either being gung-ho on a return or completely pessimistic that anyone will ever be able to go outside again. When the truth is we don’t know. I’ll just continue to hope. H-O-P-E not H-O-R-S-E since I can officially say horse ain’t it.

I’m not really sure why I expected more from an activity that is basically if basketball was golf but the showdown between hip hop legends RZA and DJ Premier was the only competition I enjoyed this past weekend. 

Do beat battles count as a sport?