Michael Jordan's Staying Power is Amazing Even to LeBron James Fan: Unchecked


I am in awe of the power of Air Jordan.

Sure circumstances contributed but The Last Dance being the event it was and drawing the audience it did, 20 something years after the fact, is testament to the legend that is Michael Jordan. The guy is a real life superhero. He could fly after all.

And his time, like it was for so many others, is when I truly fell in love with the NBA. I mean who else could pull off a Chicago Bulls warmup topped with a beret? 

The guy even had the great Larry Bird call him a God. And to be honest he feels like one. 

The elevation, the competitiveness, the ability to score in tight spaces, the fadeaway, the shoes and Space Jam all made him seem like more than a man. Even his silhouette is iconic. And as a hip hop fan the countless references to him in lyrics have made him a constant presence from adolescence to adulthood. All the while he's still here back like himself wearing the 45.

Michael Jordan remains a brand and a true legend. I'm not sure any sports star has ever had the same impact across the entire globe. He's amongst the most famous people in the entire world.

Which is why when I argue for LeBron James as the best ever, trust me, I do not do so lightly. Because if you had told younger me someone would be in the conversation with the original GOAT, it would’ve felt like blasphemy.