Dream Team or Redeem Team?

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Dwyane Wade is producing a documentary on the 2008 United States men's Olympic basketball team, better known as the 'Redeem Team'. 

And as tends to be the case of late, this is sure to lead to inevitable comparisons between that squad and the original 1992 'Dream Team', especially with the hyper focus around Michael Jordan currently due to The Last Dance and with Isiah Thomas revealing he's still disappointed by his snub.

So which star studded roster would have been more fun to cover? Well, there's a case for each.

The Dream Team: Michael Jordan. That's a good start. But he was also joined by the legendary Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the latter stages of their career, and in addition, the ever entertaining Charles Barkley in his absolute prime. Not to mention that group of players deserves a lot of credit for making basketball the global game it is today. 'The Dream Team' has stood the test of time for a reason. They are quite literally the gold standard.

The Redeem Team: Unlike the 1992 squad, 2008 faced a genuine challenge, redeeming the reputation of USA Basketball as a powerhouse following a series of embarrassing losses. It also featured a young LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and a sneak preview with Chris Bosh of the eventual Big Three that would join forces in South Beach for the Miami Heat. And the late great Kobe Bryant was also on that team and he had one of the standout moments of his illustrious career in the classic gold medal game against Spain.

So while the Dream Team may be more historically significant, there's a strong argument the Redeem Team was actually more interesting.