LeBron James Can Surpass Michael Jordan in Space Jam: Unchecked

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One way for LeBron James to surpass Michael Jordan is Space Jam.

As James unveiled the logo for Space Jam: A New Legacy (I see what he’s doing with the title by the way), I thought it was appropriate to just say it...the original Space Jam isn’t very good. Watch it right now and tell me otherwise. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Look, I’m nostalgic for Space Jam too from Bill Murray, to the Monstars, to the Secret Stuff to Jay-Z written Bugs Bunny raps. I even remember getting dropped off at the movie theater to see it. But there’s a reason the first flick has a Rotten Tomatoes score akin to what Rajon Rondo is currently shooting from the floor. I was also surprised to see the relatively low rating from the audience reflects my opinion.

And let’s be honest about it, LeBron is clearly a better actor than MJ, from Trainwreck to Flopping (haha beat you to it). Between James' superior skills as a thespian and modern animation, not to mention I kind of miss Bugs, the new Space Jam has a real opportunity to pass the OG when it comes to quality. 

Also, imagine the momentum the movie could have if LeBron is able to win a title with the Lakers before it lands. James clearly wants that to happen.

I've gotta say the rash of Jordan-LeBron arguments have been a lot of fun during these trying times and we all know this is not The Last Dance.

Or, more appropriately, that's not all folks.