The Last Dance Reminds Us Charles Barkley Was a Beast: Unchecked

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No one should ever compare Draymond Green to Charles Barkley.

And as someone who believes basketball today is better than it has ever been, I don’t mean that as disrespect to Draymond, who was a key cog in the Golden State Warriors' recent dynasty. It’s just he was never better than say the third best player on his team—the Dubs version of Dennis Rodman if you will—while Barkley was the second best player on the Dream Team!

The Last Dance should’ve served as a reminder that Chuck was a beast and far more than a broadcaster, even though he is damn good at that too. Charles was a freight train and in the prime of his career easily snatched double digit rebounds while scoring more than 25 a game. 

And I think because he’s become so known for his second career, that can be forgotten. Not to mention how often it’s brought up that he didn’t win any rings. Which is why rings aren’t everything. Let Chuck have played with a Scottie Pippen or how about Kevin Durant? No shade to Thunder Dan.

It’s worth remembering, championship or not, Barkley shared the floor with Michael Jordan, as a peer, not in fear. So when you’re making the list of greatest players in NBA history, Charles belongs on it somewhere, even if he isn’t so good at making his own.

(I mean Russell Westbrook averaging a triple-double three straight seasons kind of hurts Oscar Robertson's case and LeBron James at seventh is just disrespect. Regardless, nothing but respect for the Chuckster from me.)

Charles Barkley was a beast on the court before he was one in the booth.