LeBron James Winning a Lakers Championship Is Ultimate Response to The Last Dance: Unchecked

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The Last Dance has been unbelievable promotion for the NBA. And somehow it has put even more focus on LeBron James. Which will be especially true if he and the Los Angeles Lakers can return to the court sometime soon.

James has dealt with seemingly unrealistic expectations since he was a teenager, so it is nothing new for him if those continue even now as he has a teenager of his own. And in the grand scheme of things, James has nothing left to prove. He's already essentially a one man dynasty.

But right now? In this moment? Another LeBron championship would be the ultimate response to The Last Dance. Because in a way, it almost feels like Michael Jordan just got his seventh ring.

But if James and the Lakers can return, after everything, and he can lead the LakeShow to a title in year 17? Well, then, you can flip the script, as LeBron James would have answered the bell yet again with the added pressure of Jordan looming over him, in a more direct manner this time around. 

And while he has expressed admiration for MJ, I have no doubt he will also use this as motivation. As in some ways James and Jordan are the same, they both have killer instincts when it comes to the game. It just comes across differently due to style of play. 

If we thought LeBron James was motivated in being the #WashedKing, wait until his response to The Last Dance is documented. I just hope he gets the chance.