NBA and Adam Silver Shouldn't be Criticized for Having a Plan: Unchecked

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I have a question. Why does it seem like the NBA is the only league being overly criticized for returning when they appear to be the one with a clear plan?

I’m not afraid to say it, I’m starting to get excited for the return of the season. I love the idea of games all day. Plus, no late night starts! And who doesn’t want to see LeBron, Giannis, Zion, Luka, Harden and company back in action?

It just feels to me that MLB, the NFL, and even college football aren’t getting nearly the same negative energy when it comes to their possible upcoming seasons and I haven’t seen them take the steps the NBA is, both in attempting to create a safe environment, and in vowing to help players keep a social justice message at the forefront.

I understand there are natural concerns, but we already have seen many test positive for coronavirus going about life regularly. Do we really believe they will be more at risk in a setting specifically designed to keep the league essentially quarantined?

And if they weren’t going to restart now, what will be any different about next season? This thing isn’t going away. Players were given the choice whether they wanted to participate, which was the right thing to do. But plenty are still heading to Orlando to hoop.

Look, I’m not naive, I understand economics are a driving factor here. But we’re all dealing with a reality that is not ideal, and to me, Adam Silver and the NBA are attempting to lead as best they can considering the circumstances. 

Personally, I welcome the league’s return. And I’m ready and hopeful to celebrate whoever wins what is sure to be the most unique championship in history.

One with no damn asterisk attached.