Welcome Back Jamal Crawford and JR Smith: Unchecked

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Oddly enough, the return of Jamal Crawford and JR Smith has really increased my excitement about the upcoming NBA restart. Welcome back, guys.

As while there’s been so much talk about the unprecedented circumstances regarding the season’s resumption and plenty of justified concerns, one silver lining to the situation is that a couple of veterans are getting one more chance to end their careers in a proper fashion when it appeared their time in the league was perhaps already done

Seeing a true pro like Jamal Crawford get run on a depleted Brooklyn Nets team will be fun, and it’s never out of the realm of possibilities that he could put enough points on the board to match his age.

And with the Nets also signing Michael Beasley, I suggest the team temporarily be known as the Brooklyn Buckets.

Meanwhile, Swish is getting a chance to compete for another championship, once again alongside LeBron James, and this time with the Los Angeles Lakers. The last memory JR left for many was a meme, but it must not be forgotten that the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t win without him in 2016. The eight points he scored early in the third quarter were vital to get the Cavs back in that game. 

So, I certainly won’t rule out Smith making a significant contribution at some point in the Lakers title chase. He obviously isn't afraid to let it fly.

Overall, I’m just happy to see both these proven guards get one more chance, and hopefully plenty of shots.