Welcome Back NBA, Check Ball!: Unchecked

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It’s Christmas in July! Well, okay, not really. But at least the NBA is back. Which is almost hard to believe at this point. 

Let’s give the league some credit here. The oft discussed bubble was an ambitious endeavor and today with scrimmages set to get underway, it appears, at least thus far, it has worked. The latest round of coronavirus testing provided zero positive results, and now, finally, it is time to check ball. I’ve never been more hyped for games that don’t count! Orlando Magic vs Los Angeles Clippers at 3pm Eastern I see you.

And I actually think we are in for not only the most unique, but also perhaps one of the most competitive postseasons we’ve ever seen. Once the rust is gone that is. I imagine the focus level will be off the charts. Teams will be together all the time, the true hoopers will be on a mission and I believe there is a feeling of shared responsibility amongst the NBA community to make sure this is a success.

So welcome back to LeBron, Giannis, Kawhi, Luka, Harden and everyone else who is participating. As I’m excited to see not only the stars but also the likes of slim Melo, Jamal Crawford and Alex Caruso. 

Not to mention intriguing teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat. Overall, I’m just pumped that basketball is actually back, and I don’t care who knows it!

My friends, the NBA return is real, and it’s spectacular.