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There’s a reason the Los Angeles Lakers gave up what they did to get Anthony Davis in purple and gold.

So far, so good, as for the first time in a decade, the LakeShow have secured the best record in the Western Conference.

And while the addition of LeBron James has proven enough to make any team he is on a championship contender, it’s actually AD who is the key to the Lakers title hopes. As when he is locked in and playing center, he may just be the most skilled big man the game has seen.

He's also clearly the big most complementary to James since AD can spread the floor with his shooting, impact the game on the inside and is extremely versatile defensively. It also works both ways because Davis thrives with someone on the floor to create for him.

Plus, AD is a major matchup advantage against the likes of the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers in the West and a heck of a counter to Giannis Antetokounmpo in a possible NBA Finals meeting. 

So while it is natural that a lot of the talk has been about LeBron, his track record indicates exactly what we’ll be getting from him. James may be adding to his legacy, but this is Davis’ chance to form one of his own. And those two together with role players contributing are more than formidable.

AD has shown and is showing what he is capable of, the only thing he has yet to do is win. And the Lakers aren’t winning anything without him. At his best.