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Chris Paul Doesn't Need a Championship to Prove He's a Winner: Unchecked

Chris Paul is a winner. He doesn’t need a championship to show me that. While he could join the list of best players never to win a title, what he’s doing in Oklahoma City proves that rings aren’t the only measure of success. 

Don’t forget when Paul got to OKC people thought he’d demand a trade to get off a losing, rebuilding team. 

Well, they aren’t losing and they are building something, with CP3 taking the lead and helping Shai Gilgeous Alexander come into his own and Billy Donovan get a share of the National Basketball Coaches Association Coach of the Year award

To be honest, I don’t know if it is possible for Paul to be on a bad team, his presence impacts the game in too many ways.  

And aside from his first two years in the league and one injury plagued season, he hasn’t been. That’s what happens when you can completely control the game, look to set up your teammates, are money from mid range and compete ferociously on both ends. Not to mention possess leadership qualities and an extensive knowledge of the game.

So while I don’t expect the Thunder to win the championship, they will surely be a tough out, especially since thanks in large part to Paul, they’ve been the best team in clutch situations all season

Chris Paul is already one of the best point guards the NBA has ever seen and the Point God’s time in OKC will only add to his legacy, because what he’s doing now proves that CP3 has always been a winner, even without a ring.