Los Angeles Clippers Face Biggest Game in Franchise History: Unchecked

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With all due respect to Lob City, the Los Angeles Clippers are about to play the biggest game in franchise history

Not just because they have a chance to advance to their first-ever Conference Finals, but because somehow if they don’t, it will be one of the biggest failures I can remember in the NBA.

Nearly every analyst dubbed this the most talented team in the league at some point, including me, and the whole season was almost built up as a collision course between the two LA teams. The Lakers have held up their end of the bargain, easily, while the Clips are on the verge of an embarrassing ending.

There’s a lot on the line for many individually as well. Kawhi Leonard is a tremendous player, but if he wants to be even considered in the conversation for best in the world, and mentioned in the same breath as LeBron James, he needs to close out the Denver Nuggets, especially after voluntarily leaving a championship team. 

While with a loss, Paul George’s reputation as a star will take another hit and that’s without even making any jokes about Playoff P. He might want to log off if they lose tonight.

And finally, as much as I like him, Doc Rivers is perilously close to the ignominious distinction of being the only coach to preside over three different teams that have blown 3-1 playoff series leads.

So, it’s safe to say the Clippers have a lot on the line in Game 7 against Denver. Much more than just a date with the King, or being able to leave the Magic Kingdom for Magic City.