Lakers' Avery Bradley Helps Supply Toys to Moms in WNBA Bubble

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Lakers guard Avery Bradley and his wife Ashley donated more than $30,000 in supplies to the WNBA bubble with an emphasis on helping the league's working moms, he told Forbes' Shlomo Sprung. 

Bradley, who did not participate in the NBA restart for family reasons, provided WNBA moms and their children with playpens, toys, video games and consoles, ping pong tables, books, school supplies and outdoor games. The contributions also helped establish a "children's corner" in the WNBA bubble where kids could play.

“One thing that was really important was the moms, being able to make sure their essential needs were taken care of,” Bradley told Forbes. “They don’t make as much, obviously, and I wanted to see if I could be of service to them to be able to assist in any way I could so they could focus on just basketball.”

Bradley and his wife asked for a list of items that players might need to enhance their off-court experience, per Forbes.

The NBA bubble also had a "Bubble School," which hosted kids between ages 3-7 and supplied private tutoring and hands-on activities, as reported by ESPN's Baxter Holmes.

According to ESPN's Dave McMenamin and Malika Andrews, the Lakers guard watched his team claim its championship from his home in Texas, where his three children were in purple-and-yellow Lakers sweatsuits.

"Everyone was going crazy. Everyone was excited. My wife was excited," Bradley told ESPN.

"You play your whole career working for a championship and knowing that I was this close and a part of something, even though I wasn't there, is still an amazing feeling."

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