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The NBA Still Belongs to LeBron James: Unchecked

LeBron James hitting a deep three in Steph Curry’s face to win the Lakers vs. Warriors play-in game showed one thing, the NBA is still LeBron’s league until proven otherwise.

Though James said he couldn’t see when he nailed that shot to give Los Angeles the victory over Golden State, we are all lucky to have seen the latest chapter in the rivalry between LeBron and Steph, as those two are the faces of a generation of basketball. That is why I love the appreciation they’ve shown one another of late.

Anyone ever tearing down one of them to prop up the other was always asinine. But LeBron was winning MVPs when Steph first entered the league, and he also just so happened to win the NBA’s most recent championship—all the way back in October.

The longevity of his reign is staggering, which is why despite the constant attempts to anoint someone else, the crown is still his.

I’ll admit, I’ve even doubted him this season due to injury. And I still don’t believe he looks 100%. But after 18 years of dominance, appearances in 9 out of the last 10 NBA Finals and nearly 100 game-tying or go-ahead shots in the final minute, I damn sure ain’t going to count out the greatest to ever do it.

Because when it comes down to the moments that matter most, we all know who we’d take. So until the throne is taken from him, the NBA remains under the rule of King James.