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Twitter Reacts to Suns Coach Monty Williams Calling Deandre Ayton's Game Winning Shot

As Suns center Deandre Ayton stunned the sports world on Tuesday night with his game-winning alley-oop in Phoenix's over the Clippers, coach Monty Williams revealed the lob hadn't been practiced all season.  

He revealed that they only called it one time against Denver, and haven't used it since until Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. It was reportedly a combination of a play Williams saw from Joe Prunty and Brett Brown.

"DA—if he throws it, you gotta try to dunk it. Okay?" Williams can be heard saying in the Suns huddle before the game-winning shot. With less than a second to go, Jae Crowder threw a pinpoint pass straight into the center's hands as Ayton tipped the ball in. 

But as the team collectively lost their minds on the court as the Suns advanced to 2-0 in the series, social media erupted with reactions. 

Chris Paul quickly sang his praises, tweeting, "Big time play call Coach Mont!!!!!!!!" while Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins said, "Wow!!! What a pass but even better finish by @DeandreAyton."