Report: 76ers' Simmons Believes Embiid's Playing Style Not Conducive to Way He Plays

76ers All-Star Ben Simmons believes the organization's decision to build its playing style around Joel Embiid is not conducive to the way he wants to play, according to The Athletic's Sam Amick.

So despite both Doc Rivers and Daryl Morey saying on Monday at Media Day that they would like to have Simmons back with the franchise, Simmons still has a desire to be traded, per The Athletic.

Simmons's frustration with the team's decision to build around Embiid and his playing style comes as the duo ranked No. 4 in net rating of pairs who had played at least 1,100 minutes together. Still, per The Athletic, Simmons's desires to be move remain despite being presented with information from the club about the success of the pairing.

Embiid echoed a similar sentiment to Rivers and Morey on Monday, saying that he still hopes Simmons returns to Philadelphia.

"Of course we want him back, he's a big piece of what we've been building the past few years,” Embiid said.

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The Athletic previously reported that while Philadelphia players wanted to travel to Los Angeles to meet with Simmons, in hopes of getting the All-Star to remain with the team, Simmons told them not to come and that he would not change his mind about wanting to be traded. (He first made his trade request in August. Both Rivers and Morey have confirmed this.)

Embiid said on Monday that he was among the members of the organization who tried to see Simmons in California but was rebuffed by the All-Star guard. 

Simmons has four years and $147 million remaining on his max contract.

According to The Athletic, Simmons also thought he would have been traded by now. 76ers training camp opens on Tuesday with Simmons set to possibly face financial penalties for not attending.

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