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Austin Rivers Hospitalized for Allergic Reaction, Struggled to Breathe

Although Austin Rivers started against the Clippers on Tuesday night, a “scary incident” occurred the night before that landed the Nuggets star in the hospital as he was struggling to breathe, coach Michael Malone told reporters Tuesday. 

The team had a meal together, watched some film and then hit the gym at UCLA on Monday. But then, Rivers started to have an allergic reaction. According to SportsCenter, his eyes started to swell, nearly closing shut, and his nose was swollen. 

A rash developed on his arms, and the 29-year-old had difficulty breathing. 

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An ambulance took him to the hospital, while Rivers was hyperventilating and eventually started losing feeling in his arms and legs, according to ESPN. He received an epipen and IV steroids, was monitored for a few hours and was eventually released. 

As of Tuesday evening, Rivers still does not know what set off the allergic reaction. 

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