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Ex-NBA Players Sentenced to Prison After Multimillion Dollar Fraud Scheme

Former NBA players Alan Anderson and Keyon Dooling have received prison sentences for their respective roles in a multimillion dollar healthcare fraud scheme, according to a release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Per the release, Dooling received a two-and-a-half year prison sentence on Friday, while Anderson was handed a two year sentence on Feb. 10 after they were found guilty for their roles in a scheme to defraud the NBA Players’ Health and Welfare Benefit Plan.

In addition to their respective prison sentences, both players were also ordered to forfeit money and pay restitution as well. Dooling was ordered to forfeit $449,250.50 and pay restitution of $547,495, while Anderson was ordered to forfeit $121,000 and also pay restitution of $121,000.

“These former players recruited others to take part in this widespread fraud scheme and went to great lengths to keep the scheme running smoothly, facilitating hundreds of thousands of dollars of fraudulent claims,” U.S. attorney Damian Williams said in the release. “This Office will continue to aggressively prosecute those engaged in health care fraud schemes, no matter what their profession. Those considering submitting false claims to health care plans should recognize that they will be subject to serious penalties.”

Anderson was one of 18 former players arrested and charged in an October 2021 case that involved around $4 million in fraudulent claims to the league’s healthcare plan. Dooling was arrested and charged in April of ’22 as part of the case while working as an assistant coach in the Jazz organization.

Dooling received around $363,000 in fraudulent reimbursements and was also involved in facilitating additional claims for other individuals totaling $194,295. Anderson received $121,000 in reimbursements and helped facilitate $710,000 worth of claims.

Anderson had two separate stints in the NBA from 2005-’07 and again from ’11-’17. He played for Charlotte, Toronto, Brooklyn, Washington and the Clippers. Across 330 NBA games, Anderson averaged 7.3 points and 2.2 rebounds per game.

As for Dooling, he spent 13 seasons in the NBA before retiring after the 2012 season. He played for the Clippers, Magic, Nets, Bucks, Heat, Celtics and Grizzlies. In 728 games, he averaged 7.0 points and 2.2 assists per game.