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Ex-NBA Guard Calls for LeBron James to Face Mac McClung in 2024 NBA Dunk Contest

Although it’s a long shot, some fans are holding out hope that LeBron James might take part in this season’s NBA All-Star dunk contest. That includes former players as well, it seems, and specifically sharpshooter Lou Williams, who’s now a host of FanDuel’s Run It Back.

The Run It Back panel, which also included former NBA forward Chandler Parsons, reporter Shams Charania and host Michelle Beadle, selected who they’d like to see face reigning champion Mac McClung. After pitching Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine to make a comeback, Williams took a different angle for his other choice.

“What the hell? LeBron, one and done, go ahead and give us one,” Williams said. “You’re already 40 years old, and we don’t expect you to win. Just entertain us like you did the in-season tournament. Sign up for the dunk contest, so we can just have the archived footage for years to come like we do with Michael Jordan and everybody else. Just do it.”

Parsons followed up that comment by stating that if James were to win the NBA dunk contest at his age, that it might be the “craziest thing on his résumé.”

James, who turns 39 on Dec. 30, continues to play at an exceptionally high level, and this has been one of his most efficient seasons thus far. He’s averaging 25.2 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game. But arguably the most impressive part of his play this season is his shooting: 53.9% from the field and 39.3% from beyond the arc.