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From Steph Curry Praise to Bashing Trades, LeBron James's New Podcast Is a Must-Listen

Also in Traina Thoughts: Timberwolves broadcaster with tremendous dunk call; Netflix goes from QBs to WRs; Cody Rhodes cuts a phenomenal promo on The Rock and more.
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1. The last thing any of us need is another podcast (by the way, make sure you're subscribed to SI Media With Jimmy Traina!), but there is an exception.

LeBron James is teaming up with JJ Redick for a new podcast called, Mind the Game.

When one of the greatest, if not the greatest, players in NBA history starts a podcast, you have to give it a try if you’re a basketball fan.

When sports fans have a chance to hear from legends—real, actual legends—it's nothing but a good thing.

That’s why I’m excited to see what Tom Brady does as an analyst for Fox. Guys like Brady and James think differently. They see things differently. They experience the game differently. So when you can get insight into their minds, you have to take the opportunity.

I listened to most of Episode 1 and I can tell you Mind the Game is a must listen.

Redick is already a tremendous podcaster, so the question was whether LeBron would bring the goods—and he did.

James was a natural, and hit on the key for any podcast: He mixed the X’s and O’s with fun and lightheartedness.

Listen to his breakdown of why teams can’t rest players at the end of games anymore. He not only explains the Steph Curry factor but also manages to get a laugh with his description of the Warriors superstar.

Here, James breaks down the X’s and O’s on a coverage play like a savant while also pouring himself a glass of wine.

James also wasn’t shy about discussing current players and teams ,and discussed them just like regular fans discuss them. At one point, he said the Boston Celtics added Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday for “a bag of Lay’s potato chips.”

It’s one thing for an all-time great to do a podcast when he leaves the game, but for LeBron to still play at his level (he’s averaging 25.5 points, 8.1 assists and 7.2 rebounds per game this season at age 39) and host a podcast sharing his insights on all things basketball, it’s a huge win for NBA fans.

The full debut episode of Mind the Game is below.

2. Absolutely electric call (“FROM THE RAFTERS!”) from Minnesota Timberwolves broadcaster Michael Grady on this filthy dunk by Anthony Edwards on Monday night.

3. After the success of Quarterback, Netflix has announced a new NFL series for later this year: Receiver. The show will feature Davante AdamsJustin JeffersonGeorge KittleDeebo Samuel and Amon-Ra St. Brown.

4. This made me LOL.

5. Cody Rhodes went after The Rock and cut what might have been the best promo of his career on Monday Night Raw last night.

6. The latest episode of SI Media with Jimmy Traina  features a conversation with ESPN NFL analyst, Dan Orlovsky.

Orlovsky gives a breakdown of his unbelievably busy schedule, talks about how the NFL owns most of the sports calendar and shares his thoughts about the wild free-agency spree that took place this week.

Orlovsky also reveals that his ultimate goal is to call top games each week and whether he feels like networks have a bias against putting him in that role since he wasn’t a superstar player. He also weighs in on his relationship with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Mike Greenberg and Dan “Big Cat” Katz.

Orlovsky also shares some of his famous food takes, talks about what it's like to have triplets and much more.

Following Orlovsky, Sal Licata from WFAN and SNY joins me for the weekly "Traina Thoughts" segment. This week's topics include Aaron Rodgers as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate, the NFL Network moving Good Morning Football from New York to Los Angeles, Tiki Barber vs. Saquon Barkley, Love Is Blind and more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify and Google.

You can also watch SI Media With Jimmy Traina on Sports Illustrated’s YouTube channel.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Here's a little vintage Kevin Harlan as we get read for the NCAA Tournament..

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