Ref Can't Believe Joel Embiid Got an And-One on a Correct Call He Actually Made

The official quickly regretted the foul call he made which resulted in a bucket for the Sixers star.
Joel Embiid, and-one!
Joel Embiid, and-one! /

Joel Embiid scored 32 points in a big win against the Orlando Magic on Friday night. Embiid scored six of the Sixers first nine points of the game and got to the free throw line three times in the first four minutes of the game, including a highlight-worthy and-one where the ball went in without him even shooting it.

Embiid faked a three, drove past Wendell Carter Jr. and then let him pass back in front of him as he Euro-stepped across the lane. As Embiid went up for the layup, Carter hit his arm and he lost the ball. While referee Evan Scott blew his whistle and made the correct call, the ball somehow found its way into the basket, seemingly on its own accord. Scott's reaction, which you can see in HD right here, was priceless.

It's not often an official appears annoyed after making the correct call, but this is in fact the right reaction to this play. This man is an MVP. He does not need lucky bounces or balls jumping into the hoop on their own. He's averaging 11.6 free throws per game this season. He doesn't need any help frustrating opponents (or officials apparently).

After the hot foul-drawing start, Embiid finished eight-of-nine from the free throw line. He also went 10-of-23 from the field, grabbed 13 rebounds and handed out seven assists. Of course, the performance was not without its drama as he appeared to hurt his knee during the second quarter and limped to the locker room.

Fortunately, he returned, logged 32 minutes, and helped Philly win their seventh consecutive game. With one game remaining, the Sixers are sitting in seventh place in the Eastern Conference with a chance to move up as high as fifth depending on the results on the final day of the regular season. With Embiid being this lucky, who knows what will happen.

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