James Harden Looked Horrified When His Girlfriend Caught the Bouquet at a Wedding

James Harden and his girlfriend went to a wedding. She caught the bouquet.
James Harden looked horrified when his girlfriend caught the bouquet at a wedding.
James Harden looked horrified when his girlfriend caught the bouquet at a wedding. /
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James Harden attended a wedding over the weekend. It was a perfectly scheduled wedding for any basketball fan as the NBA Finals were on a brief hiatus between Game 1 and Game 2. So even if Harden and the Los Angeles Clippers hadn't been eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks in the first round, Harden probably could have still attended the ceremony.

Though if the Clippers were in the Finals, Harden would have had an excuse to skip out of the reception early which would have meant his girlfriend wouldn't have been there to catch the bouquet, which is exactly what happened. As you can see, Harden was not thrilled with this result.

That's clearly a man who isn't ready to propose. It's also a man who should stay off social media or away from sports talk television because the jokes about rings are absolutely flying.

The good news for Harden is that his girlfriend wasn't up there fighting for the flowers like Russell Westbrook trying to get position under the basket. She and Harden were way in the back of the crowd, barely involved in the tradition.

The bouquet only made it to her because the bride threw an absolutely laser and none of the other single ladies could get their hands up fast enough. The only thing that should give Harden pause is how accurate that throw was. Almost like the bride threw a no-look pass and hit her target in stride as she was cutting to the alter. It would not be the first time that Harden was caught flat-footed when he was supposed to be denying someone.

Judging by his reaction, he clearly regrets not jumping in the passing lane. In previous instances, it's led to losing games. This time there could be real consequences.

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