Jay Williams May Have Accidentally Broken the News JJ Redick is the New Lakers Coach

Monica McNutt reacts to Jay Williams breaking the JJ Redick news.
Monica McNutt reacts to Jay Williams breaking the JJ Redick news. /

Jay Williams may have broken the biggest news of the NBA offseason on Tuesday's edition of Get Up. In the wake of the Boston Celtics winning their 18th NBA championship, the Get Up crew was comparing them to the Los Angeles Lakers who only have 17 titles. While Williams talked about the different positions the two teams were in he may have let slip that JJ Redick was going to be the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Williams was on set with Mike Greenberg, Andraya Carter and Brian Windhorst when he made the comment and Monica McNutt who was appearing from another location couldn't help but react. Greenberg asked why she was making faces and she seemed to confirm the news by saying that Williams broke the news "that we've all been hearing sort of, kind of, not officially."

"I feel like the two franchises couldn't be further apart," Williams said. "Like, I really do feel that way. I feel like Boston right now is set up to win multiple championships over the next several years with their young core. And I feel like the Los Angeles Lakers that are trying to figure it out with JJ Redick, a first time head coach. We wish him all the best of luck with LeBron James in his twilight years."

Redick, who worked the NBA Finals alongside Mike Breen and Doris Burke for ESPN and ABC, has not commented publicly about the job opportunity, except to say that he would comment when the season was over.

Meanwhile, his employer has acted like he's basically two different people and covered the rumors without just asking him. Perhaps Williams, a fellow Duke Blue Devil, actually did. Now that the season is over, maybe we'll finally get our answer. That is, if Jay Williams didn't already tell us.

Stephen Douglas


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