Knicks Fans Gave Team the Saddest Standing Ovations at End of Game 7 Loss

Knicks fans happy with whatever they can get at this point.

The Indiana Pacers eliminated the New York Knicks from the NBA playoffs on Sunday. While the Pacers will move on to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2014, the Knicks are still waiting for their first second round series win in over two decades. To put in perspective how long its been since the Knicks made the conference finals, Miles McBride, who played 40 minutes off the bench for the Knicks in Game 7, had not yet been born.

With all that in mind, Knicks fans were just happy to be involved in the postseason again. Sure, they won just as many series as they did last year, but man did they try hard. Despite the fact it seemed like almost every player on the roster suffered multiple season-ending injuries throughout the year, they fought and clawed their way to a Game 7 where they were embarrassed on their home court.

Not that the fans were disappointed. Rather than boo a team that was run off the floor by a 6-seed, Knicks fans, led by celebrities, applauded the team's effort.

Look at all those proud celebrities. Heck, Fat Joe was there dapping all the players as they came off like he was an assistant coach. Just so much New York pride. A truly beautiful thing.

But in the words of one of the great New York City point guards, "What happened to the game I love?"

How the mighty have fallen. Some people might be old enough to remember when New York was a city whose sports teams had championship or bust aspirations. This is not that. The Knicks fought through record-setting adversity to accomplish as much as the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. And the fans and former players were like proud parents.

The sidelines were stuffed with former Knicks legends who had also fallen short of what used to be the ultimate goal. John Starks, who famously went 2-for-18 in a Game 7 loss to the Houston Rockets 30 years ago, spent more time on the court during this series than OG Anunoby. Imagine what he'd be allowed to do at MSG if the Knicks had actually won a title.

It kind of makes sense that such a basketball-crazed city would love anyone unconditionally who allowed them to witness important basketball, no matter what the ultimate result was. Another few seasons of not really being in contention and who knows what Josh Hart will be able to get away with. Someone save him a seat next to Starks and Stephon Marbury and get his popcorn ready.

Stephen Douglas


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