Timberwolves Earn Bipartisan Support From Minnesota House of Representatives

The Minnesota House of Representatives was up late on Sunday on the final day of the legislative session. Republicans were up in arms when Democrats tacked on a number of provisions to a tax bill at the last minute as chaos reportedly erupted in both the House and Senate chambers. The only thing that seemed to cool tensions and gain bipartisan support the entire night was the Timberwolves' Game 7 victory over the Denver Nuggets.

CBS News Minnesota's Caroline Cummings was in the House when one of the representatives interrupted a debate to announce, "For those of you who don't know, the Minnesota Timberwolves just won Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals." This was met with immediate applause as politicians from both sides of the aisle stood to cheer and show their appreciation for the local team.

Not to say this was a piece of political theater, but if these people were true fans they would have finished voting on all their bills before tipoff. Or at least censured Michael Malone or something!

True fans were home watching the game on television while they rubbed their freshly inked Naz Reid tattoos for good luck instead of spending the evening in a room with theater seating and zero televisions. There wasn't a projector they could have rolled out to turn this into a watch party?

Another clue that many of these politicians weren't really into the results of the game is that while they were ignoring one of the greatest comebacks in NBA playoff history, they couldn't even pass a bipartisan sports betting bill that was on track just a few days ago.

With the Western Conference Finals just days away the Minnesota House clearly needs to switch into Playoff Mode.

Stephen Douglas


Stephen Douglas is a Senior Writer on the Breaking & Trending News Team at Sports Illustrated. He has been in journalism and media since 2008, and now casts a wide net with coverage across all sports. Stephen spent more than a decade with The Big Lead and has previously written for Uproxx and The Sporting News. He has three children, two degrees and one now unverified Twitter account.