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Kobe Bryant Should Be New NBA Logo

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The NBA should honor the memory of Kobe Bryant by changing the logo from one Lakers great Jerry West to another in the Black Mamba.


I can't tell you how many hours I've spent talking and arguing hoops with Kobe Bryant being a central figure in conversations. And no matter where you sided in said arguments, one thing is for sure, Bryant's mark on the game will last forever. It is for that reason I am in favor of changing the NBA logo to his silhouette.
Jerry West is already on record saying he wishes it wasn't him. So why not pass the torch to another Lakers great? I can't imagine such a move wouldn't have his support. And it's not like the logo must necessarily feature the greatest player the game has ever seen, as the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James have played since West's day.
It is however supposed to be synonymous with the game. And all across the world when someone makes a bucket there is a name that is proclaimed. Kobe!
And if you want the NBA to be about competitive basketball at its highest level, Kobe Bean Bryant is a fitting image.
Kobe's impact will last forever regardless. I can't believe we were just talking hoops with LeBron passing him on the all time scoring list, a testament to the career Bryant had. The news is simply impossible to process as so many of us grew up watching Bryant win championships for the Los Angeles Lakers.
So why not immortalize him? Sometimes the universe tells you what to do. And I think the reaction speaks for itself. Long live Kobe.