SI Insider: The NBA's First Move Towards a Return Should Be to Decide What to Do With Non-Playoff Contenders

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The NBA is certainly eager to get back on the court in some capacity. But there's a groundswell of support among some to have the non-playoff teams effectively call it a season. 

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, in a conference call with reporters this week - said Golden State was operating under the assumption that their season was over. And I've talked to a number of different players and coaches from non-playoff teams who have expressed the same thing. 

I think if the NBA wants to take a step forward, one of the first things they can do is say to those non-playoff teams, "You're done. Don't worry about it," and go into what Steve Kerr called "off-season mode" and start thinking about next year. 

Now, some of those teams may protest that decision. There are teams like the New Orleans Pelicans, which are just on the outside of the playoffs looking in. They would probably prefer to have a few more games to try to earn that final playoff spot in the Western Conference. 

But this is certainly a unique situation that we're dealing with because it doesn't make a lot of sense to have non-playoff teams come back, go through a three week training camp just to come back and play four or five meaningless regular season games. 

The logistics of it make it difficult. It doesn't really add much value to the NBA overall. So as the NBA starts to prepare steps for court, whether it's opening practice facilities or beginning the process of scheduling a training camp, the first thing the league could do is say to those non-playoff teams, "You're done. Get ready for next season."