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Michael Jordan or LeBron James: Are You Tired of the GOAT Debate?

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The Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate rages on, especially in the wake of The Last Dance.

I believe LeBron or MJ is the greatest sports argument of all time, but many might feel inundated by it lately. So, are fans tired of the constant conversation? I asked SI's Ben Pickman and "The Fantasy Exec" Corey Parson for their takes. 

Pickman: Yeah, I mean, it certainly might be the greatest hits of sports radio, but I am tired of it. And here's why. Even with The Last Dance coming out and seemingly giving us some new information about Michael Jordan, the question is, are we really getting a ton of new information about Michael Jordan that it actually educates us when it comes to this debate? We haven't really gotten a lot of new information. This LeBron against Jordan conversation in recent weeks, months, and even maybe years, is the same. If LeBron wins a title this Summer, or if he wins a title next year or the year after, then maybe we're getting some new information that can inform us in this LeBron/Jordan GOAT conversation. But right now, in the middle of what May versus April versus March, we've been talking about this for weeks and months on end with nothing really changing about LeBron's resume and Michael Jordan's resume. And so there's just a fatigue factor of the lack of new information coming out that makes me tired of this conversation.

Parson: It is so predictable. The Last Dance comes on and this crazy debate is going to start again. The NBA season ends, this debate starts again. Next season starts, this debate starts again. You got Skip and Shannon yelling about it. People are starting to get tired of it now. And Ben made an excellent point. There is no new information. But we also leave a lot of people out of the debate. What about Kobe Bryant? What about Oscar Robertson? What about Wilt Chamberlain? I mean, this thing just rages on and on and on with no real answer. It's almost like the Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas debate. You don't really have an answer. You just have fights in the cafeteria.

Verdict: First of all...Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas is not a debate anymore. That was a question asked in 1997 when Volume 1 came out, "Who's the best MC: Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas?" We all know the answer is Hov. Jordan or LeBron is a real argument and they are clearly 1A and 1B to me. And right now, in sports, there's nothing else going on. It's kind of all we've got. So I think they are both wrong. This is a case where I believe people might say they are sick of it, but the engagement on the topic would say otherwise.