Hot Clicks: Was Pizza the Cause of Michael Jordan 'Flu Game'?

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Michael Jordan’s performance in game five of the 1997 NBA finals is regarded as one of the greatest moments in his career. In ‘The Last Dance’ Jordan explains catching food poisoning from eating pizza the night before. SI’s Robin Lundberg reacts to Michael Jordan's 'Flu game' performance and why the story surrounding that game will always remain a mystery.

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Robin Lundberg: I demand an investigation into the Michael Jordan flu game! Or is it now the pizza game? Or food poisoning game? Neither has the same ring to it. But after The Last Dance claimed it was a bad pizza dropped off by a delivery crew deep, it has people looking even deeper into the legendary game in the narrative in MJ. 


A deep dish for the Chicago crowd. Some are skeptical of that story but now the director of the documentary claims Jordan even spit on said pizza so he could be the only one to eat it. His competitive spirit truly did know no bounds because that is out of bounds. 


I suppose the true story of that game and performance will perhaps forever remain a mystery. Which is ultimately ok, Michael Jordan, like every superhero, needs some mystique.

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