What's Next for Pelicans' Brandon Ingram?

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Si's Madelyn Burke and Rohan Nadkarni break down what's next for New Orleans Pelicans player Brandon Ingram. They agree there might be more questions than answers, given the current pandemic and other factors.

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Madelyn Burke: The 2020 NBA season is leaning towards one that may finish with some unfinished business. For the New Orleans Pelicans, a breakout season from Brandon Ingram may be creating more questions than answers. Joining me now is SI NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni and Rohan, Ingram made his first All-Star appearance at a Western Conference loaded with talent, but he's set to become a free agent at the conclusion of this season. Has the Pelican's front office seen enough from Brandon Ingram?


Rohan Nadkarni: There's so much up in the air when it comes to Brandon Ingram. You know, he put together the best season of his career this year, completely changed up his game, his shot profile. He kind of became the player everyone has always wanted him to be. The issue for the Pelicans now is: do you give someone like that a max contract? But also, what is a max contract even going to look like after the pandemic? There's a scenario in which this all works out for the Pelicans, bringing Ingram back at a number lower than they expected and kind of make the core Zion Williamson. But you do have to wonder, can you—are you ready to commit to someone like him after one year of him playing the way he was? That's kind of your foundational piece with Zion Williamson. You know, it's going to be a tough decision for David Griffin. I'm glad he has to make it and I don't. 

Madelyn Burke: Right. Exactly. Is that what the new normal is for Brandon Ingram or was it a flash in the pan? Remains to be seen. But Rohan Nadkarni, thanks so much for the insight.

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