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Celtics' Robert Parish Might Disagree With Michael Jordan Portrayal in 'The Last Dance'

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ESPN documentary "The Last Dance" has been a certifiable hit, drawing millions of viewers per episode. As miniseries come, it's about as popular as they get. But not everyone is loving the unmitigated Michael Jordan fanfare, including former Chicago Bulls forward Horace Grant and possibly former Celtics star Robert Parish. SI's Robin Lundberg weighs in.

Here's the full video transcript:

Robin Lundberg: Horace Grant called "The Last Dance" a "so-called documentary." Horace is mad he was accused of being the leak for the book "The Jordan Rules" and also because the narrative of the doc went by Jordan’s rules as he claims anything that went against Michael Jordan was left out. Which could include this anecdote from Celtics great Robert Parish, who said of a confrontation with Jordan when was with the Bulls: "I told him, 'I'm not as enamored with you as these other guys. I've got some rings too,' At that point he told me, 'I'm going to kick your ass.' I took one step closer and said, 'No, you really aren't.' After that he didn't bother me."

So as was portrayed in the documentary, Michael Jordan did attempt to intimidate his teammates. But what was left out is that some of them pushed back. In this recollection, Parish and now Horace Grant, who essentially accused "The Last Dance" of being the Michael Jordan of propaganda.

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