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Video: Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Had a Special Bond With George Floyd

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Former NBA player Stephen Jackson took to social media Tuesday to mourn the death of his friend George Floyd who died after an altercation with Minneapolis police in which an officer applied pressure to Floyd's neck while he was on the ground handcuffed. 

Jackson posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram following the death of Floyd. "Twin. I promise I won't let this BS ride. Already talked to @shaunking. Anybody from Houston/Cuney Homes u know this was my brother. Can't let this ride. All hands on deck. Rest Easy Twin"

Jackson went on to write, "Where we from not many make it out but my Twin was happy I did. I'm gonna continue to make u proud fam. It makes me so angry that after all the things u been through when u get to your best self that they take u out like this. ...Rest Easy Twin"

SI's Robin Lundberg reacts to the death of Floyd and how the news has impacted the world of sports. 

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Robin Lundberg: That was Stephen Jackson, of course, former NBA player, clearly emotional as he mourned the loss of George Floyd, who died Monday following an incident with police that saw one officer kneeling on his neck even as Floyd was lying still and could be heard saying he couldn’t breathe on video. Four officers were fired as a result. Obviously many were saddened and angry at what transpired with Steve Kerr, LeBron James, and others sharing their feelings. Jackson though shared a personal connection, even dubbing Floyd twin. And personally, It’s gut-wrenching there’s been yet another tragic loss that is unfortunately all too familiar.

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