Is 2020 James Harden's Best Chance at a Ring?

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With the long break in play in the NBA, it seems like that rest would benefit the Rockets the most because of their smaller lineup and the load put on James Harden. If the team and Harden got their rest, is this his best chance to win a championship?

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Robin Lundberg: No one knows exactly which teams will benefit from the NBA's extended layoff. But there is a school of thought that because of their smaller lineup and the load put on James Harden, it might be the Rockets. For more, I'm joined by Michael Shapiro of Inside the Rockets and the fantasy executive, Corey Parson. Michael, let's start with you. Is this James Harden's best chance to win a championship?

Michael Shapiro: You know, perhaps James Harden would be able to snag a ring later in his career as a complementary piece. But as a leading man, I really do think that 2020 is his best chance to win a ring. Of course, we have kind of the odd situation, Orlando. There won't be any home court advantage for the higher seeds. And when you look into the future of the conference over the next decade, the West isn't getting any easier. Neither Los Angeles team will fade from the limelight any time soon. And then you've got a lot of young squads coming up the pipe in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver and also New Orleans, right. So I think that the Rockets will really need to pounce right now if they want to win a championship in James Harden's championship window.

Robin Lundberg: And they put a big load on on Harden, of course, but he's had this time off. Corey, when you look at the odds, are the Rockets a good bet? 

Corey Parson: Well, you say that because just about every team is a good bet right now. You could do the same thing with Memphis. You can say the same thing about the Utah Jazz, the Philadelphia 76ers. Now, one thing about James Harden. We've seen video. So he's been working. He's been in the gym. He's been developing his offensive game. Listen, he's one of the best offensive playmakers in history. But now when we get inside that bubble and things start to shake out, like how they played out in a regular season? Those step back, one legged three-point shots won't work because the Lakers and the Clippers perimeter defenders are too good and that should be how the Rockets season ends. 

Robin Lundberg:  Hey, it was interesting to see the rockets develop their their new style with the the ultra small ball lineup that they trotted out there. We'll see if the time off helps in their quest and James Harden's quest to get that elusive ring. Michael, Corey, appreciate your time.

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