Sleeper Squads to Watch When the NBA Resumes

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When the NBA resumes there will be some clear favorites. The Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks chief amongst them. But what about some sleeper teams from the bubble site in Orlando? Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg talked with SI's Ben Pickman and "The Fantasy Exec" Corey Parson to get their takes on some squads who may make noise when the action on the court resumes.

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Robin Lundberg: When the NBA resumes, we know the Lakers, Clippers and Bucks will be the favorites. But who are some sleepers when it comes to the NBA bubble at Disney. For more, I'm joined by the fantasy exec Corey Parson and our Ben Pickman. Corey, let's start with you. Who's your sleeper squad? 

Corey Parson: My sleeper squad is going to be the Oklahoma City Thunder. First of all, they're the best team in the NBA against the spread. They're also the best road team in the NBA. The job that Billy Donovan has done this show is Oklahoma City Thunder team that people more or less left for dead has been amazing. Listen, we got a situation where the Oklahoma City Thunder can actually get up to the three seed right behind the Clippers and the Lakers in the Western Conference as we play out these next eight games. NBA Union President Chris Paul has done a fantastic job leading this team. Guys like Gilgeous-Alexander also playing very well. So, listen, I think the Oklahoma City Thunder is going to be a tough out. 

Robin Lundberg: I agree with that, that they'll be a tough out and that's a good pick. But when it comes to a team that could actually win the championship Ben, do you have a selection there?

Ben Pickman: Yeah, I mean, I'm going with another team that is also 40-24, the Houston Rockets. Right. They currently are a little bit below the Oklahoma City Thunder by percentage points in the standings right now. But they could make a title run, as you were saying, Robin. And the reason is this: James Harden was struggling and was really playing his worst basketball of the season as the league was screeching to a halt. He played his best basketball of the year in November and December when he averaged nearly 40 points in both months, respectively. Right. And so if Harden increases his playing, Westbrook continues his productive play like he did down the stretch or before the league was stop. Then I think Houston has a legitimate chance to knock off Denver potentially in the postseason. And they could also push the Clippers. They could push the Lakers and potentially knock off one of those teams and make that title push. 

Robin Lundberg: As you were saying, Houston could give some of those teams problems. Ben, Corey, appreciate your time, as always. 

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