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Nuggets Coach Mike Malone Blasts NBA for Not Allowing Families of Coaches Inside Bubble

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The NBA Bubble is dwindling down as the Semifinals are underway.

With only a number of NBA teams remaining in the Orlando complex the league has decided to allow players families inside of the once restricted areas.

Although these long awaited player- family reunions are happening- coaches aren’t allotted the same opportunity and Denver Nuggets coach Mike Malone is upset about it.

Malone spoke to the media on Friday saying the league's policy that prevents coaches' families from joining them in the bubble is quote “criminal in nature” Malone also told reporters quote “I say shame on you, NBA. This is crazy. I miss my family.”

The reasons why the league is not allowing coaches' family members to enter the bubble are unknown.

The remaining teams have been inside the bubble for over 60 days and for coaches that continue to win, the days away from their families will continue to grow.