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NFL Moments That Defined The 2000s

Pats hire Bill Belichick in 2000
The Terrell Owens circus begins in earnest
Drew Bledsoe gets hurt
The Tuck Rule Game
Raiders lose Super Bowl XXXVII
AdamVinatieri's Super Bowl-winning field goals
Ben Roethlisberger catches Nick Harper from behind
Mike Holmgren takes Seahawks to the Super Bowl
LaDainian Tomlinson's record-setting season
Saints playoff run the season after Hurricane Katrina
Peyton Manning, Colts finally get over Patriots hump
Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith make history at Super Bowl XLI
Michael Vick dogfighting scandal
Tony Romo goes to Cabo with Jessica Simpson
Brett Favre's shaky future
David Tyree's catch
Manning brothers win back-to-back Super Bowls
Bernard Pollard knocks out Tom Brady
Dolphins use Wildcat en route to winning the AFC East
Santonio Holmes catch

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