April 09, 2010

Jimmy Clausen's Friday workout for half the league's franchises was solid but it's unlikely scouts came away from Notre Dame thinking he had stamped himself as a Top 10 pick.

The scripted workout was run by former NFL offensive coordinator Marc Tresman, now head coach of the Montreal Alouettes, and included more than 50 throws from Clausen. By our count, all but two passes were completed.

Clausen displayed solid velocity and speed on his short and intermediate throws. The ball quickly arrived to receivers and his passes displayed a lot of pop. For the most part he was accurate. Late in the workout he delivered some nice strikes down the field.

Yet while most of Clausen's passes were on the mark, the timing of his throws seemed off at times. His pass placement also was nothing out of the ordinary.

Pass catchers were intermittently extending vertically or reaching backwards to make the grab. On a number of occasions Clausen overshot his downfield targets. This is in stark contrast to the workout turned in by Sam Bradford, when receivers rarely broke stride to make the reception.

Clausen, coming off a toe injury, displayed only average footwork and quickness rolling outside the pocket then throwing on the move.The overall tempo and pace of the workout seemed to be lacking compared to the display scouts saw in Norman, Okla., on March 29.

Clausen will now visit a number of franchises around the league as teams prepare for draft day. As the workout ended one could not help but think the Washington Redskins made the proper choice by trading for Donovan McNabb rather than potentially using the fourth pick of the draft to acquire Clausen.

Jon Asamoah

After suffering a hairline fracture in his shoulder blade at the Senior Bowl, Illinois guard Jon Asamoah worked out for scouts on Thursday and turned in an impressive performance. Two dozen teams were on hand, including nine offensive line coaches. Asamoah surprised those in attendance with his athleticism and movement skills.

His 40 was timed as fast as 5.04 seconds while his short shuttle clocked 4.51 seconds. Asamoah's vertical jump was 27-inches and broad jump 8'11''. He completed 22 reps on the bench press, not a great number. Asamoah resumed bench pressing for the first time just last week since initially injuring his shoulder blade.

Later in the workout Asamoah looked terrific in position drills. He'll now battle Mitch Petrus of Arkansas to be the second guard off the board in two weeks.


Twenty teams were on hand in Gainesville Wednesday as Jermaine Cunningham, who did not work out at the combine or the Gators first pro-day, took to the field.

Cunningham weighed in at 268, posted a vertical jump of 35-inches and broad of 9' 10.5'', both terrific marks. Cunningham pulled his quad running the 40 and struggled to break 4.9 seconds.

He was timed at 1.57-seconds over the first 10 yards, startlingly fast. By comparison, Sean Weatherspoon's fastest 10-time at the combine was 1.60 seconds while Daryl Washington's was 1.57 seconds.

Several NFL teams that run 3-4 defenses sent position coaches to watch Cunningham, who projects at both defensive end and outside linebacker in the NFL.

Linebacker Brandon Spikes was on hand but did not participate in the workout nor attempt to improve on his dismal 40 time from Florida's pro-day.

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