Jenn Sterger camp in ongoing dialogue with NFL about Favre

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The manager for the woman at the center of the Brett Favre controversy said Wednesday afternoon he has been in touch with the National Football League about Jenn Sterger possibly cooperating with the league's investigation of Favre, but that no decision has been made whether she will consent to be interviewed in the probe.

"We currently have an ongoing dialogue with the league,'' said Phil Reese, Sterger's manager. "Jenn is currently considering all her options. It could be she talks. It could be she does nothing. We just don't know yet.''

Reese made it clear the decision would be Sterger's.

He also said "there have been no talks'' with representatives of Favre about a settlement in the case, refuting the belief in some circles that Sterger is vying for a deal with the Favre side so she would keep quiet and not talk to the league.

Earlier Wednesday, it was disclosed that Sterger has retained a Long Island-based law firm, LaRusso and Conway, to represent her during the investigation into exactly what happened two years ago when both were employed by the New York Jets. The website obtained voice mails and graphic photos it claimed were sent to Sterger by Favre. On Tuesday, NFL vice president of security Milt Ahlerich interviewed Favre in Minnesota, but the league has not been able to interview Sterger or the two masseuses who have claimed to that they also were propositioned by Favre while he was with the Jets in 2008.

Since the story surfaced early this month, neither Favre nor Sterger has talked publicly in any specifics about the case.