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Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson on Sept. 2 covers of SI


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Colin Kaepernick appears on September 2 cover of Sports Illustrated

The future of the NFL meets the past on the covers of this week's Sports Illustrated. 

In 2012, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson took the league by storm. This week's issue of SI features a four-cover regional series comparing each of the young quarterbacks to a past Super Bowl champion, showing ways in which the past could be prologue.

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Kaepernick transformed the 49ers after taking over for Alex Smith midway through the season, leading them within yards of a Super Bowl title. SI senior writer Austin Murphy details why Kaepernick is the new Steve Young, a Bay Area legend who won three Super Bowls in his career.

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(Peter Read Miller for SI; Al Tielemans/SI)

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Before suffering a season-ending knee injury in the playoffs, RGIII terrorized defenses with his unique combination of speed and arm strength. staff writer Jenny Vrentas writes that just because RGIII was "born to run," doesn't mean he can't become an all-time gunslinger like John Elway.

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Last year, Luck set the record for the most passing yards by a rookie in a single season. staff writer Robert Klemko writes that Luck is on a path to become Peyton Manning, the player he took over for in Indianapolis.

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(Bill Frakes, Robert Beck/SI)

Russell Wilson appears on September 2 cover of Sports Illustrated

Height concerns caused Wilson to drop to the Seahawks in the third round of last year's draft. Remind you of anyone? SI senior writer Jim Trotter says that Drew Brees has blazed a path Wilson could easily follow.

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