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The Highlight Reel

Missed something this week? Catch up on the top stories from The MMQB


Monday Morning Quarterback: Arian Foster: The AFC’s Mystery Man • By Peter King :: His health in question and his presence looming large in the Super Bowl picture, the Texans’ running back insists he's feeling fine; why Rex Ryan guaranteed his firing; more

A Lesson from the Inside • By Robert Klemko :: Browns running back Trent Richardson was 13 when he met Jamal Lewis during a Florida prison visit, and started picking his brain about how to make it in the NFL


Pay Us for the Preseason! • By Richard Sherman :: It's a necessary evil, and the risks—injuries that could cost a player his livelihood—are considerable. The least owners can do is open their wallets and give us peace of mind


Full-Speed Ahead in 2013; Tim McGraw’s Titans • By Peter King :: Your weekly one-page magazine

The Fall Guy • By Don Banks :: Rex Ryan has taken his lumps as Jets coach and deserved some of them. But ultimately it’s the man in the owner’s box who’s to blame for the shape the Jets are in

Decision Day Looms • By Jenny Vrentas :: One more preseason game, one more chance to impress: By 6 p.m. Saturday, undrafted rookie Zach Line will either be a Viking, a practice-squadder or looking for a job somewhere else


Your 2013 NFL Broadcast Guide • By Richard Deitsch :: Everything you need to know about where, when and how to get your football coverage on TV this season

Welcome to Clowneyland • By Andy Staples :: My inaugural list breaking down the top 50 prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft

A Starter from the Start • By Andrew Brandt :: If you believed Michael Vick was really in a competition for the Eagles’ No. 1 job, you weren’t paying attention when he re-worked his contract in February


Concussion Settlement: The Debate Resets • By Jenny Vrentas :: With the $765 million settlement of the concussion lawsuit, the issue of head trauma in football now becomes a matter of changing the culture of the game

No Pryor Restraint

Raw and electrifying, quarterback Terrelle Pryor gives the Raiders a better chance to win this season than the experienced and efficient Matt Flynn