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NFL's lengthy list of requirements for Super Bowl host city leaked

The Vikings will host Super Bowl LII in 2018. (Courtesy of

Minnesota 2018 Super Bowl LII requirements leaked

Think your city has what it takes to host the Super Bowl? The NFL may not agree.

Over the weekend, the Minneapolis Star-Tribunerevealed the steps a city needs to take to play host to the big game, and needless to say, they're rather lengthy and mildly absurd in nature.

The 153-page document includes all of the expected requests, such as a minimum of 70,000 fixed seats, luxury boxes and enough hotel rooms throughout the city. But there are plenty of non-game related caveats as well, including having reservations at two "top quality" bowling lanes and three "top quality" 18-hole golf courses in near proximity to the host venue.

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As if that wasn't unique enough, the NFL requests that team hotels subscribe to the NFL Network for at least one year leading up to the Super Bowl and that the league be given priority over all other ice and snow project removal outside of "those that directly threaten life or public safety."

In addition the league is doing what it can to save a few dollars as well, requesting that the removal of the Super Bowl field be at no cost to the NFL while asking for full tax exemption from the city, state and local taxes on tickets sold to the game and the events leading up to it.

Some other notable requirements:

• If cellphone strength at the team hotels isn't strong enough, the host committee “will be responsible [for erecting] a sufficient number of portable cellular towers.”

• The league has the option to install ATMs at the stadium that accept NFL preferred credit and debit cards, and the option to cover up ATMs that don't accept those preferred cards.

• The host city will pay all travel and expenses for a "familiarization trip" for the league  to inspect the region ahead of the Super Bowl.

• Local media is also asked to provide "significant advertising and promotional time" -- for free, of course -- in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

And here we just thought a team needed a nice locale, solid venue and available hotel rooms.

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