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By SI Wire
July 16, 2014

As the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins' team name continues, several high-profile national football writers have stopped using the term 'Redskins.' CBS, which broadcasts NFL games, will not tell its announcers whether or not to use the term, according to CBS Chairman Sean McManus. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McManus said that the network will leave the decision up to individual announcers. 

McManus's full answer

"We haven't talked to [CBS announcers] yet. Generally speaking, we do not tell our announcers what to say or not say. Up to this point, it has not been a big issue for us. Last year, it was simmering; now it's reaching a hotter level. But we probably will not end up dictating to our announcers whether they say Redskins or don't say Redskins. We leave that up to them and our production team. There are times when something becomes important enough that we talk to them, and between now and the start of football season we'll decide what is the right thing to do."

CBS has a rights deal with the NFL through 2022.

- Alex Hampl 

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