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Offseason report cards from every NFL team

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The start of training camp officially signals the end of the NFL offseason. How did each team fare in free agency and the draft? Chris Burke and Doug Farrar examined each team's body of work, breaking down the best acquisitions and most harmful departures while handing out grades. Find all their report cards below. (Note: Our offseason report cards were rolled out over the course of May, June and July, meaning late acquisitions may not be reflected.)

. 49ers

A playoff berth remains the expectation. A Super Bowl run again the plan.

. Bears

Chicago's success ultimately will come down to defense.

. Bengals

The runaway winners of the AFC North last year didn't improve much on paper.

. Bills

The key for Buffalo will most certainly be Sammy Watkins' development.

. Broncos

The Broncos opened up their checkbook, possibly sacrificing long-term success.

. Browns

The Browns were aggressive in free agency, but didn't add enough weapons.

. Buccaneers

This Bucs team has the look of a unit that's been constructed the right way.

. Cardinals

There's a lot to like, but there'd be a lot more to like if they played in another division.

. Chargers

It might be a season of regression for Mike McCoy's bunch in San Diego.

. Chiefs

The question for the 2014 Chiefs: Can they do it again?

. Colts

2014 could be interesting for the Colts ... in ways they might want to forget.

. Cowboys

Nothing that the Cowboys accomplished screams "Super Bowl contender."

. Dolphins

On paper, the Dolphins are off to a much better start this year than last.

. Eagles

This offseason showed that the Eagles truly are Chip Kelly's team.

. Falcons

Things should be better, if only because it would be hard for them to be worse.

. Giants

There's no question that the Giants were proactive, maybe to a fault.

. Jaguars

The Jags are better, but this remains a work in progress.

. Jets

They bolstered the passing game … whether it will all come together is still in question.

. Lions

The Lions gave Matthew Stafford the targets he needs to have a hyper-successful season.

. Packers

Julius Peppers gives Green Bay another force off the edge on defense.

. Panthers

In an NFC South that looks a lot stronger, Carolina looks like the odd team out.

. Patriots

Have they done enough to get over the top? On the surface, it is hard to say yes.

. Raiders

The Raiders certainly have more talent than their recent predecessors.

. Rams

Even if the process takes another year, the Rams are headed in the right direction.

. Ravens

They need to address the off-field problems before they can return to any sort of glory.

. Redskins

Will new talent and leadership be enough to turn this team around?

. Saints

They managed to mitigate departures, and even improved because of how they reacted.

. Seahawks

They didn't lose anyone crucial, which is relatively unusual for defending champs.

. Steelers

On the surface, this feels like another transition year for Pittsburgh.

. Texans

The Texans are facing another season of QB uncertainty.

. Titans

The Titans will go as far as quarterback Jake Locker takes them.

. Vikings

If everything clicks right, this team could come close to the success it had in 2012.