NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Plenty of movement below Seahawks, Broncos

Wednesday September 10th, 2014

Week 1 of the NFL season never fails to produce a handful of surprise twists. Such was the case again in 2014, as teams like Buffalo and Tennessee engineered impressive road upsets.

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As a result, save for Seattle clocking in at No. 1 and Denver at No. 2, our latest Power Rankings include a rather substantial shuffling of the deck. Naturally, if past football history has taught us anything, it's that Week 1 conclusions will not last all that long. Away we go anyway ...

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NFL Power Rankings
  • 1
    1Seattle Seahawks
    last week: 1
    record: 1-0
    Well, clearly, to take down the Seahawks a team has to ... uh ... well, and then there's ... hmm ... In all honesty, if an absolutely dominant Week 1 victory over Green Bay is any indication, Seattle is going to cruise to home-field advantage in the playoffs. And Richard Sherman is going to take a nap during a game at some point this season because quarterbacks are so afraid of even looking his direction.

  • 2
    2Denver Broncos
    last week: 2
    record: 1-0
    Peyton Manning now has beaten all 32 franchises in the league at least once, thanks to Sunday's 31-24 takedown of Indianapolis. Next up is a Kansas City team that Manning has owned in his career -- he is 9-1 against the Chiefs, the best mark for him against any team that he's faced at least 10 times.

  • 3
    3San Francisco 49ers
    last week: 6
    record: 1-0
    Did we learn anything about the 49ers on Sunday? Not much, other than that their defenders gladly will take the football when Tony Romo throws it right at them. Given San Francisco's lack of proven depth at linebacker, DeMarco Murray's 5.4 yards-per-rush average is a little worrisome. Colin Kaepernick's play (16-for-23 for 201 yards and two touchdowns) is not.

  • 4
    4Philadelphia Eagles
    last week: 7
    record: 1-0
    The Eagles might have gotten their worst half of the season out of the way immediately. On a couple of Nick Foles fumbles and an allergic reaction to covering Jacksonville WR Allen Hurns, Philadelphia fell into a 17-0 halftime hole. A 34-0 spurt in the second half calmed everyone's nerves.
    "I don’t think you can just lose your mind out there," said Chip Kelly of being down 17 points, a veiled shot at the coaching methods of the USFL's Ol' Crazypants Jones.

  • 5
    5Cincinnati Bengals
    last week: 9
    record: 1-0
    Were the Bengals a far crummier team, Sunday's game in Baltimore would have been a classic recipe for heartbreak -- settle for five field goals on five first-half trips into the Ravens' territory, give up 16 unanswered, lose the lead on a deep ball late in the fourth quarter. But even though they needed a little good fortune on A.J. Green's deciding touchdown, the Bengals again reminded us all by winning in spite of those occurrences that they are far from mediocre.

  • 6
    6Carolina Panthers
    last week: 14
    record: 1-0
    Prior to Sunday, Derek Anderson had not won a game as a starter nor thrown a regular-season TD pass since Week 10 of the 2010 season, when he was QBing for the Cardinals. That's also the last year anyone other than Cam Newton won a game as Carolina's QB. (Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore and Brian St. Pierre combined to go 2-14 in '10, a record that gave Carolina first crack at Newton in the subsequent draft.)

  • 7
    7Miami Dolphins
    last week: 18
    record: 1-0
    Too early to declare a changing of the guard in the AFC East. But Sunday's Miami win over New England was at least a notice of possible eviction for the guard. The next three weeks feature games against Buffalo, Kansas City and Oakland. Could the Dolphins hit their bye week at 4-0?

  • 8
    8Arizona Cardinals
    last week: 17
    record: 1-0
    The last three times that Larry Fitzgerald finished a game with just one catch all occurred in 2012. Arizona lost all of those games, capped by a 58-0 humiliation in Seattle. The Cardinals snapped that streak Monday night by defeating San Diego, though Fitzgerald's lone grab did extend his own amazing run of 150 consecutive games with a reception.

  • 9
    9New Orleans Saints
    last week: 3
    record: 0-1
    In Weeks 16 and 17 last season, the Saints allowed a combined 512 yards of offense to Carolina and Tampa Bay. In the playoffs they surrendered 533 yards total to Philadelphia and Seattle. Sunday in an OT loss at Atlanta, they were torched for 568 yards, 448 of which came through the air as the Falcons thrice rallied.

  • 10
    10New England Patriots
    last week: 5
    record: 0-1
    The Patriots are now 0-1 for the first time since 2003, when The O.C. debuted, the first Lord of the Rings trilogy wrapped in theaters and the San Antonio Spurs were NBA champs. OK, some things never change.
    The season-opening setback has opened the floodgates for a little panic: Was trading Logan Mankins a mistake? Is the defense doomed to be a disappointment?! Is Tom Brady washed up?!?! The advice here: relax. Also, maybe prepare an emergency kit because an 0-2 start is definitely possible with a visit to Minnesota looming.

  • 11
    11Detroit Lions
    last week: 16
    record: 1-0
    There has been one year -- one -- in the past 87 that both the Lions and Detroit Tigers made the playoffs in the same season (2011). Is it a bad omen for the Lions then that the Tigers pulled into a first-place tie with Kansas City on Tuesday night? Possibly, but both teams put on a show this week with the Lions dismantling the visiting Giants Monday night in Motown.

  • 12
    12Green Bay Packers
    last week: 4
    record: 0-1
    The Packers were (and still are) my pick for NFC North champion. That said, yuck. A 36-16 loss last Thursday at Seattle did not even really feel that close. Aaron Rodgers shied away from Richard Sherman and the Seahawks coasted in the second half.
    "This is the Seattle Seahawks, a great defense," Rodgers offered as an explanation for his Packers' failures.
    Fair enough, but this is supposed to be a pretty great Packers offense, too. It wasn't in Week 1.

  • 13
    13Atlanta Falcons
    last week: 27
    record: 1-0
    Are the Falcons vastly improved from their 4-12 finish a season ago? On paper, especially on defense, the answer probably is no. Except in one area: health at the skill positions. Matt Ryan spread the ball around to nine different players Sunday, Julio Jones and Roddy White combining for 12 catches and 178 yards. While this defense might be a headache all year, a healthy passing attack will keep the Falcons in a lot of games and maybe even win some, as it did versus New Orleans.

  • 14
    14Tennessee Titans
    last week: 24
    record: 1-0
    Four sacks of Alex Smith, three interceptions from the Titans secondary, two Jake Locker touchdown passes and one road win (in a pear tree?). The schedule's manageable and the AFC South looks to be altogether average, so the Titans soon could be thinking about putting an end to their five-year playoff drought.

  • 15
    15Indianapolis Colts
    last week: 8
    record: 0-1
    The Andrew Luck comeback theatrics are entertaining and all, but (hat tip to Football Outsiders' Scott Kacsmar for this one) Indianapolis now has found itself trailing by double digits in 19 of Luck's 36 NFL starts. You fellas want to try getting a couple early leads here and there?

  • 16
    16Pittsburgh Steelers
    last week: 13
    record: 1-0
    I like to refer to what happened with the Steelers Sunday as The Walking Dead arc -- phenomenal start, mind-numbingly frustrating for a bit, then ultimately worth all the trouble. Fortunately for the Steelers, they were able to escape Hershel's farm at the absolute last moment ... er, I mean, to stop Brian Hoyer a couple of times.

  • 17
    17Minnesota Vikings
    last week: 22
    record: 1-0
    "I just want the ball in my hands," Cordarrelle Patterson told the Pioneer Press after Minnesota's 34-6 romp in St. Louis. "I try to be special with it. When I get the ball in my hands, I expect great things."
    The Vikings "expect great things" from Adrian Peterson as well, of course. The key, as happened Sunday, is continuing to get relatively decent things from quarterback Matt Cassel.

  • 18
    18San Diego Chargers
    last week: 12
    record: 0-1
    The run game fell just shy of 2,000 yards last season (1,965), good enough for a No. 13 ranking. After one week the Chargers sit 31st in that category, despite what appeared to be a workable matchup with Arizona. Take out a 20-yard Ryan Mathews carry and he, Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown combined for 23 yards on 19 rushing attempts.

  • 19
    19New York Jets
    last week: 20
    record: 1-0
    Is the NFL schedule-maker trying to avenge some past wrong committed by Rex Ryan? Did Ryan borrow Roger Goodell's private plane without asking? That win over Oakland almost set up as a must-have in Week 1, because here's what is to come for New York: at Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, at San Diego, Denver, at New England. Four playoff teams, plus two who barely missed last season.

  • 20
    20Baltimore Ravens
    last week: 10
    record: 0-1
    Everyone who had Justin Forsett emerging as the Ravens' go-to back in Week 1, raise your hand. Not so fast, Justin Forsett.
    Players generally loathe the quick turnarounds to Thursday night games. The Ravens might not mind all that much given Sunday's loss to Cincinnati and what has occurred off the field in the meantime.

  • 21
    21Buffalo Bills
    last week: 30
    record: 1-0
    Road win in Chicago; 1-0 record. All nice and good. Nothing will top the real headline in Buffalo this week, which is that Buffalo Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula had reached an agreement to buy the team, almost assuredly meaning that the Bills are staying put. Bonus: The news led us to this Twitter gem from the Pegulas' daughter, Kelly:

  • 22
    22Chicago Bears
    last week: 11
    record: 0-1
    In the immortal words of the bard William Shakespeare, "What the hell was that?"
    The Bears blew up survivor pools everywhere by falling flat on their faces against the Bills. With four of their next six (and five of their next seven) on the road, Chicago could be out of the race before the midway point if it cannot get its act together.

  • 23
    23Kansas City Chiefs
    last week: 15
    record: 0-1
    The Chiefs could be down 100-0 and their best chance to get back in the game would still be to put the ball in Jamaal Charles' hands. So, almost completely bailing on Charles while facing a 10-3 deficit -- Charles had just four touches in the second half Sunday -- is indefensible.
    "Not giving No. 25 the ball more than seven times is negligence on my part," Andy Reid said Monday.
    Yeah. We know.

  • 24
    24Houston Texans
    last week: 32
    record: 1-0
    Sack? Check. Blocked kick? Check. Swatted pass, fumble recovery? Check and check. The Texans have played one game (a win over Washington) and we're already a mere forced fumble away from filling in the J.J. Watt Bingo card.

  • 25
    25Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    last week: 21
    record: 0-1
    Doug Martin was outgained on the ground Sunday by Jorvorskie Lane, Bobby Rainey, Josh McCown and Derek Anderson. The Bucs might be able to chalk up both Martin's struggles and McCown's slow start to drawing Carolina's defense in Week 1. There should be better days ahead here ...

  • 26
    26St. Louis Rams
    last week: 19
    record: 0-1
    ... and if there are not better days ahead here, then the Rams might challenge 0-16. Sunday's 28-point loss to Minnesota was about as thorough a loss as a team can take. A savior at quarterback is not walking through that door. Sure, Brett Favre might show his face, but only by accident as he spends his post-NFL career traveling the country looking for Bigfoot.

  • 27
    27Jacksonville Jaguars
    last week: 28
    record: 0-1
    The Jaguars' Week 1 loss in Philadelphia was the Chad Henne-est game possible. He threw two early touchdown passes and a 46-yard pass to Allen Hurns. But he and the Jaguars' offense shut down for three quarters afterward, allowing Philadelphia to rip off 34 unanswered points.

  • 28
    28Cleveland Browns
    last week: 29
    record: 0-1
    You take the good, you take the bad, you slam your head against the wall and there you have the Cleveland Browns. A ton of positives for the Browns in the second half Sunday -- they erased a 27-3 deficit to tie Pittsburgh at 27, led by a resurgent Brian Hoyer and an unexpected running back tandem of Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell. They also stalled out in Steelers territory on a potential go-ahead drive, gave up a critical 20-yard pass in the waning seconds and lost at the buzzer on a 41-yard field goal.

  • 29
    29New York Giants
    last week: 23
    record: 0-1
    Victor Cruz says that the Giants ought to throw him the football more. Presumably, he'll be paying attention if he gets those added reps. On at least a handful of Eli Manning's pass attempts Monday, the Giants' receivers and tight ends made it seem like they were ignoring Manning on purpose, like that old trick you'd pull on the playground when you wanted an annoying kid to go away.

  • 30
    30Oakland Raiders
    last week: 31
    record: 0-1
    Derek Carr played it safe for the most part Sunday, posting a paltry 4.7 yards-per-attempt average through the air but finishing with two touchdowns. Hopefully, the Raiders' linebacking corps is afforded the same development slack it appears Carr will get. With Khalil Mack joining 2013 draft pick Sio Moore and 2012 selection Miles Burris, Oakland might be able to build its defense around that unit.

  • 31
    31Washington Redskins
    last week: 25
    record: 0-1
    All that talk about how being too conservative with Robert Griffin III would lead to RGIII looking like a shell of his former self? That's exactly what happened Sunday. Griffin completed 29-of-37 passes for a very healthy 78.4 completion percentage. Most of those connections, however, came on checkdowns or designed short passes, and Griffin ran for just two yards on three attempts. The end result: six points, a loss to Houston and more questions about Griffin's long-term future as the starter.

  • 32
    32Dallas Cowboys
    last week: 26
    record: 0-1
    Jason Garrett has become the coaching version of gum stuck to your shoe -- there's apparently no way to get rid of it, short of throwing out the whole shoe. Jerry Jones (who has far bigger problems at the moment) has to reach that point eventually and just clean house.

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