RGIII turns t-shirt about 'Jesus' inside out at press conference

Robert Griffin III turned a t-shirt referencing Jesus inside out before he approached a press conference dais on Sunday, and it's unclear why.   
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It's unclear whether Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was forced to turn a t-shirt referencing Jesus inside out before he addressed a press conference Sunday, according a report by CSN Washington's JP Finlay

Griffin, who dislocated his ankle in Washington's game Sunday against the Jaguars, arrived at a postgame press conference on crutches wearing a shirt reading "Know Jesus, Know Peace." Sometime between entering the press room and taking the podium, Griffin turned the shirt inside out, obscuring its message.

Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch tweeted Sunday that Griffin was forced to invert the shirt by NFL Uniform Inspector and former Redskins player Tony McGee because the shirt was not a Nike product. The NFL has an exclusive apparel agreement with Nike. The league has fined Griffin for his sartorial choices at postgame press conferences before. 

Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was not told to change the non-Nike t-shirt the he wore during the same postgame press conference. 

Another reason for the reversal, however, could have been the NFL's bylaw against clothing with "personal messaging."  According to Finlay, who cited NFL bylaws, players are not allowed to wear shirts promoting a personal message during, before or after game days.

A Redskins spokesman said Griffin turned the t-shirt inside out by choice, according to Finlay's report. 

- Will Green